Ghosts Caught on Tape

We scoured the web for home videos that capture ghosts and have posted our findings on this blog. We have searched near and far for the top 10 videos that show us the shocking, the supernatural, the spine-chilling, the unsettling, the eerie and the strange to add spook to your Halloween. In order—here they are:

We will be held completely and solely responsible for any mental illnesses, insomnia and other sleeping disorders, hysteria, panic, delirium, phasmophobia, nyctophobia, samhainophobia and all other phobias, schizophrenia, apprehensiveness, and/or anything of the like that is caused by watching these videos of Ghosts Caught on Tape.

10- Forest Ghost

Spirit caught on tape or elaborate special effect? You decide. We’re still trying to decide if this family was from the deep South or England.

9- Ghost in Vatican City
It’s on the news— it has to be genuine, completely factual and legitimate. Right?

8- Little Girl Ghost 2 (actual EVP recording)

Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) is especially spooky when children are involved. Come to think of it—aren’t most scary ghosts children?

7- Ghost Caught on Surveillance Camera
You won’t miss this ghost caught on video. Of all of the obviously “staged” hauntings, this was our favorite. Hoo hoo ha ha ha.

6- Ghost Picture Slide Show
This video has a Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion feel to it—fun, frightening and full of ghosts..

5- Japanese Ghost Girl in Mirror

Unexplainably strange. The expression in the reflection's (ghost's, demon's spirit's, call it what you want) eyes is truly spine-chilling.

4- Ghost Crying in Hall
Don’t watch this while home alone at night. And if you do, don’t look a second time. This ghost caught on tape shows us that ghosts are ALWAYS scarier when you look a second time.

3- Ghost on Historic 25th St. in Ogden, Utah
We’re familiar with the Union Station in Ogden; it’s a nationally known paranormal hot spot. The Golden Spike was driven just outside of Ogden marking the junction of the Central Pacific and Union Pacific railroads. This made the Union Station a stopping point for travelers of all types. Including ghosts.

2- Ghost Jumper? in Okinawa

We found some additional information on this clip. Apparently, according to paranormal psychologists, spirits of the dead will often try to commit suicide in an attempt to get out of the “in between” state that they’re in. And it appears that is what’s happening here. Maybe we should all review our vacation tapes and see if we caught a ghost.

1- Ghost Girl in Graveyard This video is horrifying every time you see it. The only thing more terrifying than the footage would be to be the man filming. These men are in the cemetery at night with strange animalish noises and only the light from their camcorder. Shiver, shiver.

from Cadaverous Cris, Bloodcurdling Brittany & Creepy-crawly Cora


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Oh great, now I'm going to have nightmares.

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REally frightened after reading.

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Lukky M said...

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